Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Hey girls,
I am currently in an Internet access joint.

Like a day after my last post we saw and fell in love with a gorgeous apartment overlooking the
sea and park in my dream area!
We are frantically trying to get everything moved over and it's been non stop since the 5th.
My make up collection is half here half there and I wont be getting my dressing table for god knows how long :(
But as soon as we have furniture of the desk sort and every things a little more settled I will try and pluck up the courage to do..videos!
argh! scary stuff.
But as I am in a light and airy place and there will be a mac computer I'm finding it hard to find an excuse not to.

I will hopefully have Internet on the 20th..I miss you lot!!
I need some normality back! haha

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sun!