Friday, 30 January 2009

To palette or not to palette?

I'm being very tempted by the Coastal Scents palettes at the moment..
I really want to get the 28 Neutral Eye palette the 88 Shimmer Eye palette and the Contour and Blush palette!
I'm scared of getting unknown import charges though! if anyone brought any of these and could tell me the full amount it came too that would be fab. I'm so bloody confused by the exchange rate right now it's unreal!

While I was looking on ebay for palettes I came across this..

It's by an Asian brand called Manly (!) it's the new version of the 120 eyeshadow palette and it looks ahh-maaay-ZING!

This looks like the best place to get it, they offer free shipping too! hurrah!

Fantasy Fashion..

Untitled - by Sydney, actually. on

SO much fun.
Really should be sleeping as it's 4 am..
SO SO much fun!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Credit Crunch Chic

I was in Asda the other day picking up the household essentials when the Shampoo and Cosmetics isle got me in its tractor beam and dragged me in against my will.


As I am saving up for lots of lovely faux French Regency style furniture (much to the bfs horror) for when we find a nice flat I am trying not to buy anything that I have not convinced myself I absolutely have to have..

I was looking at the stick on false nails because I prefer them to acrylics as they make my nails die and I have realllyyy weak nails and I like that my real nails can grow under falsies...
Anyway I digress from le point, which is I saw this underneath them.

I only noticed it because of the huge £1 sticker on it. ONE POUND!
So I thought to myself well, if it's rubbish It's only a squid and I can have some fun playing around with it the chuck it, But it's actually really nice!

The three grey colours match really nicely and the eyeshadow is very pigmented and soft and it blends really well too! The berry colour does not go with the others at all, but it's a lovely colour and I think I will try and do some looks with it. Well worth a pound!
I used the three grays, lightest in inner corner, middle in er the middle and the darkest one on the outer corner and along the crease with no base and used my GOSH round eyeshadow brush.

Et voila! Smokey eye in seconds!

Monday, 26 January 2009


I have serious GUILT issues.
In the past two days I have ordered a load of books from amazon and a load of make up from MAC... Now I spent about the same amount on each order but I have huge guilt for the mac order!
I Feel fine about the books!

I am a snob to myself!

I'm looking down on myself for "wasting money on make up" when I am supposed to be saving as me and my bf are looking for a flat to move into together, but I'm not guilty about buying the books!
And if you really think about it the make up is what I will use more and make me feel better about myself where as the books do nothing for my looks.

Look at me trying to convince myself!!

Ohhughhhhh.. I must let go of guilt.
I still have huge guilt for leaving home THREE years ago.

Please tell me that some of you get serious Make Up Guilt and it's not just me!


Saturday, 24 January 2009

Attack of the Stila Lip Glaze


I have a lipgloss.
I love this lipgloss.
This lipgloss has to be my secret friend..

This lipgloss is a complete embarrassment.

Meet Stila LipPolish in Glimmer.
I have had this gloss for many years and it should most definitely be in the bin.
It's been completely chewed up by my dog when she was teething, all its original packaging and labeling is long gone and I'm pretty sure it passed it's sell by date 80 years ago but I just can't bring myself to get rid!
Mainly because Stila no longer does this colour and it's an outrage.
So I refuse to bin and sneakily apply when no one is watching so I don't get horrified "What on earth is that grimey stick you are rubbing on yourself!?" looks from the general public and just "why is she sticking her whole head in her handbag?" ones that I can deal with.

Bad, Bad dog!

I did try and solve this problem a week or so ago when I found I had not spent all of my Christmas money. Hurrah!
I decided that I would get some more Stila lip products as I'm a sucker for the packaging.
I ended up not being able to decide what to get but was saved by The Gift Of Glaze gift set which was on sale for 18 of your english squddlies.

Behold the mini miracles!
L-R: Gumdrop, Grape Fruit, Apricot, Vanilla, Raisin and Brown Sugar.

What I love so much about these mini glazes is not only are they perfect for someone who over stuffs their make up bag and therefore handbag with everything they could possibly ever need in any situation "Just in case" and ends up with sholder ache and having to hear many hilarious "You carrying bricks around in that thing?" jokes like me..But they smell delicious too!
Each one smells of it's name.
My fave is Grape Fruit. YUM.

Very Top: Banana. Please ignore..will come to this one in a second.
L-R: Gumdrop, Grape Fruit, Apricot, Vanilla,
L-R Bottom: Raisin and Brown Sugar.
Enlarge for sparkle.

I Also brought this full size Lip Glaze in Banana.
Smells extreamly bananaish and looks the colour of mashed banana that has been left too long and has gone a bit browny.. which sounds absolutly disgusting but is actually really lovely!
Very pinky nude and vair naicee.

Hooray for lip gloss! Hooray for gift sets!

Friday, 23 January 2009


It's 5:51 am and as an extreme insomniac I have decided that NOW is the time to do this haul.
I have had bugger all to do for days then as soon as I decide to start a blog I become insanely busy.
Always the way eh?

Lets get to the good stuffs :)

OPI Nail polish in Elephantastic pink. This was part of the India collection that came out in summer 2008, I realized I needed it as soon as I saw it but never actually got round to getting it. Until now! Thank you ASOS! I was expecting it to be a bubble gum pink and it's actually got a more of and orangey feel to it.. almost coral but not quite. It's really bright, very pretty and goes really well with my new gold bangles!

Barry M Dazzle Dusts. I have not touched anything by Barry M since I was about 13 but I saw these two beauts and could not resist. The one on the left is Fawn 49 and Right is Old Gold 24.
Old gold is a nice MAC Refelcts Glitter Antique gold copy but a lot more subtle with less glitter which is brilliant as I love and wear Antique Gold a bit too much and it will be nice to be able to save it for special occasions.

Fawn on top and Old Gold on bottom.

Barry M Lipstick in 101 Marshmallow. I saw this on the internet took a leap of faith and ordered it before I had seen any swatches/reviews. SO glad I did!
After I had orderd I saw We Are Glitter had said that this is her everyday lippie so I knew once it came I would love it as I have a very similar make up look to hers. Before 101 I was wearing MAC Heatherette lipstick in Fleshpot which is nice but comes out quite orangey which just did not go with my skintone at all. I <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Quickie.
Love it love it love it. I'm very pale and this is very pink and gives a lovely china doll look.
It's very pigmented but really wearable and flattering.

I am a false lash feind and have ruined my natural lashes by wearing them every day so one of my new years resolutions was to stop wearing falsies and grow my own back out as they are good lashes and I am mean too them.
So this is me cheating at my new years resolution and telling myself that if I only wore one or two at the edge of my lashes it wouldn't count.
Well the glue does not work and it serves me right! I must stay away from the Eyelure ones because I know they will work and I must. not. cheat.

Fawn in inner eye corner and Old gold from half way out with a tiny bit of NARS Ondine in the crease. 101 lipstick. I have worn this every day since I got them, which is nice because I usually go for a much more dramatic eye and this look is so much easier but still pretty.
Please excuse my terrible eye bags but like I said I am a huge insomniac and only ever get around 3/4 hours a night!

It's now 7 am so I'm off to read The Tales Of Beedle The Bard by J.K. Rowling which I got today for £3 something in Asda!

Thank you to my very first follower Kerry1487


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Internet woes, fish cakes and Chihuahua's

My Topshop and ASOS order got delivered yesterday and I set to work taking photos.
No one ever told me how hard swatches are!! Lorks a lordy.

I spent ages trying to get the exact colour to come out and faffing about only to find my internet had decided to die and was refusing to come back.
So after much more faffing, panic, and calls to my computer genius bf (thank baby jesus for him)
it has been sorted out.
Something to do with DNS apparently.
Whatever that means!

I don't have time to do the Haul right now as my mother has come to visit, my house is full of chihuahua's, and we are going to eat some ridiculously expensive fish cakes and go and see Bride Wars at the cinema! But I will get started as soon as I can and do a mini review of the film :)

Kate Hudson is soo beautiful

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chapter one

So, I have had this blog for a year now and it has seen no proper use as of yet.
I started it in an optimistic "New Year, New Me!" effort in January 2008.

It didn't quite go to plan and I posted all of three entry's.

But here I am again!
January, New Year! New Me!!

...Well not quite.

I have decided to accept the fact that I can be very shallow and that I'm not writing a hip, sharp, witty, weekly review for The Times or Vogue, unfortunate as that may be.
I have also decided that I must not be as critical of what I write and actually click that scary PUBLISH button.

I am going to write about what interests me at the moment which mostly seems to consist of:

- Make up
- Fashion
- Perfume
- Jewellery
- Distressed White French Style Furniture
- The Search For The Fattest Eyelash and Nudest Lip Makers
- Large Handbags
- Even Larger Earrings
- Hair Larger Than said Handbags and Earrings put together.

So there we are!
These are my resolutions and I will stick to them!

I have an Asos and Topshop delivery tomorrow so haul numero uno shall commence!
A nice picture heavy one me thinks.

This is the beginning of the end of my social life..
I can smell it!