Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Internet woes, fish cakes and Chihuahua's

My Topshop and ASOS order got delivered yesterday and I set to work taking photos.
No one ever told me how hard swatches are!! Lorks a lordy.

I spent ages trying to get the exact colour to come out and faffing about only to find my internet had decided to die and was refusing to come back.
So after much more faffing, panic, and calls to my computer genius bf (thank baby jesus for him)
it has been sorted out.
Something to do with DNS apparently.
Whatever that means!

I don't have time to do the Haul right now as my mother has come to visit, my house is full of chihuahua's, and we are going to eat some ridiculously expensive fish cakes and go and see Bride Wars at the cinema! But I will get started as soon as I can and do a mini review of the film :)

Kate Hudson is soo beautiful

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  1. She is indeed so beautiful...I did a similar post to this on my blog...just without the dogs and fishcakes, hehe :)

    Hope you enjoyed the film, I loved it! The boy wasn't as impressed though!

    x x x