Saturday, 24 January 2009

Attack of the Stila Lip Glaze


I have a lipgloss.
I love this lipgloss.
This lipgloss has to be my secret friend..

This lipgloss is a complete embarrassment.

Meet Stila LipPolish in Glimmer.
I have had this gloss for many years and it should most definitely be in the bin.
It's been completely chewed up by my dog when she was teething, all its original packaging and labeling is long gone and I'm pretty sure it passed it's sell by date 80 years ago but I just can't bring myself to get rid!
Mainly because Stila no longer does this colour and it's an outrage.
So I refuse to bin and sneakily apply when no one is watching so I don't get horrified "What on earth is that grimey stick you are rubbing on yourself!?" looks from the general public and just "why is she sticking her whole head in her handbag?" ones that I can deal with.

Bad, Bad dog!

I did try and solve this problem a week or so ago when I found I had not spent all of my Christmas money. Hurrah!
I decided that I would get some more Stila lip products as I'm a sucker for the packaging.
I ended up not being able to decide what to get but was saved by The Gift Of Glaze gift set which was on sale for 18 of your english squddlies.

Behold the mini miracles!
L-R: Gumdrop, Grape Fruit, Apricot, Vanilla, Raisin and Brown Sugar.

What I love so much about these mini glazes is not only are they perfect for someone who over stuffs their make up bag and therefore handbag with everything they could possibly ever need in any situation "Just in case" and ends up with sholder ache and having to hear many hilarious "You carrying bricks around in that thing?" jokes like me..But they smell delicious too!
Each one smells of it's name.
My fave is Grape Fruit. YUM.

Very Top: Banana. Please ignore..will come to this one in a second.
L-R: Gumdrop, Grape Fruit, Apricot, Vanilla,
L-R Bottom: Raisin and Brown Sugar.
Enlarge for sparkle.

I Also brought this full size Lip Glaze in Banana.
Smells extreamly bananaish and looks the colour of mashed banana that has been left too long and has gone a bit browny.. which sounds absolutly disgusting but is actually really lovely!
Very pinky nude and vair naicee.

Hooray for lip gloss! Hooray for gift sets!


  1. Loving the look of these...I really want to try out the Stila Kajal eyeliner. Not sure if you have seen MakeupByTiffanyD, but she is great, and recently reviewed this...I might have to do some Stila shopping!!!

    x x x

  2. Hi! I'm from Brighton too :)
    Just wondering where you bought this as I cant find Stila products anywhere! Haha thanks xx