Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Credit Crunch Chic

I was in Asda the other day picking up the household essentials when the Shampoo and Cosmetics isle got me in its tractor beam and dragged me in against my will.


As I am saving up for lots of lovely faux French Regency style furniture (much to the bfs horror) for when we find a nice flat I am trying not to buy anything that I have not convinced myself I absolutely have to have..

I was looking at the stick on false nails because I prefer them to acrylics as they make my nails die and I have realllyyy weak nails and I like that my real nails can grow under falsies...
Anyway I digress from le point, which is I saw this underneath them.

I only noticed it because of the huge £1 sticker on it. ONE POUND!
So I thought to myself well, if it's rubbish It's only a squid and I can have some fun playing around with it the chuck it, But it's actually really nice!

The three grey colours match really nicely and the eyeshadow is very pigmented and soft and it blends really well too! The berry colour does not go with the others at all, but it's a lovely colour and I think I will try and do some looks with it. Well worth a pound!
I used the three grays, lightest in inner corner, middle in er the middle and the darkest one on the outer corner and along the crease with no base and used my GOSH round eyeshadow brush.

Et voila! Smokey eye in seconds!

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  1. Wow, this is really nice...I never normally shop at Asda, maybe I should, hehe! x x x