Monday, 26 January 2009


I have serious GUILT issues.
In the past two days I have ordered a load of books from amazon and a load of make up from MAC... Now I spent about the same amount on each order but I have huge guilt for the mac order!
I Feel fine about the books!

I am a snob to myself!

I'm looking down on myself for "wasting money on make up" when I am supposed to be saving as me and my bf are looking for a flat to move into together, but I'm not guilty about buying the books!
And if you really think about it the make up is what I will use more and make me feel better about myself where as the books do nothing for my looks.

Look at me trying to convince myself!!

Ohhughhhhh.. I must let go of guilt.
I still have huge guilt for leaving home THREE years ago.

Please tell me that some of you get serious Make Up Guilt and it's not just me!


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