Friday, 19 February 2010

Cold sores and puppies.

I hate cold sores!
They are evil and mean.
Does anyone have any good home made remedies?
Or know of anything over the counter that ACTUALLY works in less than like two weeks?

Here is a picture of Edie..Because she is cute. haha x


  1. Aww hun, I hate them too!
    I normally just use Zovirax and put something like Savlon or Sudocrem around the outside to prevent infection which can stop the coldsore from healing.
    Just try to touch it as little as possible :)

    And your dog is the cutest, I want one!

  2. I should have known Sudocrem would help in some way.. It is after all, the answer to everything!
    They really are the most annoying things.
    Thank you for the help! I'm already using Zovirax so I'll start using the sudocrem around it too.


  3. I use after shave or perfume on mine to dry it out, and zovirax too!

  4. Really late here but buy Lysine tablets and take a large dose. It has always worked better than both Zovirax and Abreva for mine.. which are ruthless.