Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Falsies vs Voluminous!

My eyelashes have been going through a very thin and lifeless stage at the moment
which has been quite depressing to say the least!
So to cheer myself up and try and encourage some much needed oomph into my lashes
I brought this!
It's on sale at Superdrug at the moment for £5.99.

This is not a proper review as I have not yet worn it out, but I thought I would do
a little comparison photo with everyones favourite, Loreal Voluminous!

Right eye - 3 coats Voluminous in carbon black

Left eye - 3 coats The Falsies in black..

I think the "full fringe" brush on The Falsies has done exactly what it said on the tin,
the outer and inner corners are much er...more there than with the Voluminous and it seems to have kept the curl better. I also think the black is slightly deeper.
So for now 1-0 to The Falsies



  1. Thanks for posting this, I might try this mascara next time.:D

    Came across your blog today, will now follow you. Follow my blog too?:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. owww, i might be popping to the drugstore to give this mascara a tryy:D

    lovelyy blog btww:)