Friday, 7 January 2011

GOSH holographic nail polish.

Hello you beauts!
Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and new year.
Mine was not too brilliant as I was struck down with the lurgy that's going around at the moment.
Still managed to have a lovely time though!
Yesterday I went to superdrug on a holographic hunt and was lucky enough to not only nab the last bottle in stock, but it was half price too!

As you can see, in the bottle it really doesn't look tooo spesh,
just your average silver polish, but paint your nail and give it a few seconds and it turns into this!

It suggests on the bottle to use a base coat.
I didn't use a base coat and half of the polish had peeled off by the evening so I'm hoping with a base it will last a little longer.
I will forgive it it's horrendous staying power however, because it is just so bloomin amazing looking!



  1. that looks amazing! i have heard the staying power isnt great tho ..but still fab effect x

  2. Yeah, it's pretty bad.
    I'm going to try again with a base and top coat.
    Holographic fingers crossed it will last longer haha x

  3. that nail varnish is gorgeous and a bargain for half price! the bottle definatley doesn't do the colour justice! <3

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  5. im so so so so jealous of you for having that polish!

  6. it looks amazing!!!! oh gosh i have to have this polish!

    visit me?

  7. Oh My God that is amazing!! I want!! x

  8. so beautiful! lovely blog x

  9. Aw thank you! I really need to start blogging again! x

  10. wow i love this nail polish! even if it doesn't stay on for very long it will still be amazing for nights out. i love it! x