Sunday, 10 May 2009

50's Pin up comp entry!

Just saw this comp by Sabrina at just a little obsessed and have been franticly applying make up for the past 20 mins.
I actually wore my make up like this last weekend so I thought I would copy what I did then.
I kept ALL colours matte as was the style back then!
Inspiration was Bettie Page.
Apologies for my hair! It would have looked much better if I had not left only three minutes to do it *Facepalm* :S


  1. I love it! I adore Bettie Page! Have you seen the movie? there is a new one coming out too.
    You have even got the fringe/bangs just right!

  2. yay i love this look!!!
    congrats on winning!!

  3. I have been AWOL for a while and gutted i missed this post! You look AMAZING!!! What lippie is it? I am after a killer red lipstick!

  4. Thank you lovely!!
    This lipstick is AMAZING, the perfect red.
    Makes your teeth look sparkling white not too orange and really long lasting..
    The bugger is I have NO IDEA who it's by.
    Someone left it at my house after a party ages ago and all the writing was worn off!
    I might post a pic of it and see if anyone recognizes it because there is the smallest amount left and I'm starting to panic! haha
    I won the comp (!!) and I asked for Barry M's Pillar Box Red lipstick as one of the prizes so I'll let you know if it's any good.
    I have high hopes because I brought their lip pencil in #3 Red and It's pretty much amazing, I used it with this look and it matched the mystery red lippy perfectly.