Sunday, 8 February 2009

MAC Haul Baby!

Shopping occurred, This is the aftermath.

I got studio Fix fluid NC15 and the little pump
Select sheer pressed powder
Fuidline in Blacktack
109 brush
Lip pencil in Magenta
Lipsticks in Blankety, Honey love,
Creme Team lipsticks in Creme cup and Lavender Whip
BBR Redhead lipstick in Marquise D'
Eyeliner in Teddy
Brow Set in Show off
BBR MSF in Blonde and Redhead
Eyeshadows in Shroom, Honey Lust, Tempting, Woodwinked and Romp (not pictured)


L2R Shroom, Tempting, Honey Lust, Woodwinked
Romp at the bottom..I'm not keeping Romp, It's lovely
but it's far too similar to Tempting so I'm giving
it to my mum :)

Line up same as above. <3 style="font-weight: bold;">Lipsticks

L2R Lavender Whip, Creme Cup <3, onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Marquise D', Lavender Whip, Creme cup I LOVE creme cup.
Sorry I forgot to swatch the other two :S

Magenta lip pencil and Teddy eye kohl



Sorry about the writing on the hand!
The MSF going from light to dark, The swatch at the bottom is it mixed.

I think Brunette looked a little too dark for me.

Brow set in Show off

209 Brush + Fluidline = Amazing!
As I wear black eyeliner everyday and have so far been very loyal to my
Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner and not found anything that I like using as much
I decided that I must move with the times and get funky with gel.
I did and I love it!

I was very tempted by Henna, Femme fi, Knight, Top knot and 100 Strokes
but they all looked like some Urban Decay ones I already have so I didn't bother.


  1. Amazing haul! I could never buy this much at once, i would cry handing the money over! Everything looks gorge

  2. Tempting & woodwinked are two of my favorites! Creme Cup is such a cute name :)

  3. @ Kimberly, I know..I feel the shame and my head is hanging low..but I told myself that as I don't reallly want anything from the hello kitty collection and I refrained from the eyeshadows that it was..ok.. haha :D

    @Iheartmakeup, It is isn't it! it's a very cute lipstick. quite doll like. If you like Tempting and woodwinked, try Smog by urban decay (if you have not already of course!) It's along the same lines as those two and is goorrrgeoousss!


  4. Great haul! Im so jealous I am with kimberley on this one I would cry handing the money over or just go temporarily deaf :D I was looking at Blankety and Cream Cup looks lovely. Actually Honey Love also looks fab! Looking forward to what they look like on you :)

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous...oh why do I have to be so skint, I really want some of the BBR stuff, the MSF's! x x x

  6. Sydney!!! What have I told you about shopping this much!!!
    I really like Cream Cup, and must admit that you do have lovely taste babes!

  7. Omg, this might be the best kind of haul ever. Lots of different shades that will definitely look beautiful on your skintone! I loves.

    I think you're going to like Henna the most, esp pared with Marquis D'. Lavendar Whip looks good also. What kind of eye makeup would you wear with that?

    I recently just dyed my hair; it's super dark now. Let me know what you think! :)


  8. very helpful swatches :) thx for posting. shroom looks like a nice highlighting/base color. hehe

  9. Just subscribed to your blog. :)
    I am totally loving your haul, makes me wonder if I should get some MAC eyeshadows afterall.


  10. brilliant haul :)

    expensive haul girl! lol

  11. How did Lavender whip work out for you? Such a beautiful haul! I wish I could wear if more often but it's hard to pair it up with some shadows! What do you wear it with?

    I followed! :)

  12. I want creme cup sooo badly!!! It's beautiful! :)