Thursday, 26 February 2009

Roller coaster


Going round to a friends flat to lend moral support for decorating, Looking in the fridge
and seeing it had nothing in it at all except 18 bottles of pink champagne.

Drinking friends champagne.

Nando's with my madre. Laaavvlly.

Getting excited about IKEA trip tomorrow.

Cat snuggling up to me right now because it's so cold.

The clothes I ordered online coming in the post today.

MnM crunchy sweets.

Re watching very old eps of The Hills and being amazed by how fresh faced they all looked!


Being absolutely FREEZING.

Not seeing the bf for two weeks and now maybe another two weeks on top of that.

The clothes I ordered online coming today and being HUGE.
too big to get away with.

My back Molar trying to come through for the 2nd time this year.
It does this every few months or so..
Starts to grow, HURTS SO MUCH, cuts my gum to shreds then realizes that there is indeed
NO room and goes away only to try again a month later.
So annoying and actually quite weird.

The taste of bonjela. Urk!

Spencer Pratt. Urk!