Sunday, 1 March 2009

Everyday Make Up

As I am such a kind and thoughtful person I Thought I would show you lovely lot how I wear my make up everyday!
what a fabulous treat for you all. :P


My everyday make up when I only have about 15 mins to get my face on.
I like to have 40 minutes to do my make up but this is not always practical apparently.

Sorry these pics are not very facey
but I was taking some for facebook and thought I would pop them on here.

Eye eye! Har har! Why yes of course these are my real lashes.
*cough cough splutter*

The ultra observant among you may have noticed that I always have a block fringe (had this babbeh for 4 years aint nothing coming 'tween us ya'll) and in the above photos I don't.
Well, I've been wearing extensions for years and have loads of old ones lying about so I decided to clip some into my fringe et voi la! A whole new look.
what do you think?

Full list of what I am wearing can be done if you wish but it's 4:36 am and I should be in bed snoozing instead of up, wearing false lashes and taking photos of myself.

I might edit this tomorrow night and put what I'm wearing.

So long, fair well, goodnight.


  1. Really nice look...I would love to know what products you used...I have yet to master the winged eyeliner like this...oh how I wish I could! x x x

  2. Im with Laura on wanting to know what products :) You are beautiful by the way!!!