Friday, 13 March 2009

I <3 Marrakesh

Meet the Stila Eye Shadow Quad in Marrakesh and Nars lipgloss in Frisky Summer.

I LOVE the chocolate colour on the bottom right, it's gorgeous.

Frisky summer!

No flash
I'd say the colour was closer to the non flash photo, but a little less dark.


  1. I love that quad! :) So purty :) I have just tagged you on my blog by the way. I think Im doing it right!!! :D

  2. That stila quad looks gorgeous! wants lol.
    I've never had anything Stila I heart the shadows are very good quality is it true?

  3. check out my blog!! i have an award for you =]]

  4. danceismyexpression, Yeah they are sooo good.
    Really soft and pigmented. x

    Meya, Ohh exciting!! thank you!
    and Thank you for following :D x

    Lazula, thank you sweety!
    I need to get my self together and get round to those awards! and tags.. :S
    lazy lazy :(