Sunday, 29 March 2009

Dreaded Lurgey

"blughhrruuhhggaaaaahmmmm" :(

Is exactly how I feel right now.
I'm sick!
I have a bad chest infection and I'm on antibiotics. Joy :|

Just thought I would drop everyone a wee blog to say sorry for not blogging, but I feel like death and not even slightly warmed up.

But! I have brought a few things, nothing too exciting.
I did however find a foundation light enough for me, although now obviously I'm wondering if it's just a little too light.. I will never be satisfied! I need to get my arse down to Prescriptives sharpish.

What is quite funny is it is the exact same foundation I wore when I was 16.
I've been applying it with my 187 brush and so far I'm really liking it.
I'm so into drugstore foundation at the moment, after years of paying £20 + for foundations I'm
loving that I can get two for that and play around and if I don't like it..whatevs!
I think maybe the 187 is a big factor.
I LOVE it.
I got a good dupe of it the other day as well.

Rambling again!

Well, hopefully soon I will be back to full health (HA) and blogging away.
Chase me up about the drugstore foundation and 187 dupe and mini drugstore haul when I'm back.
I'm very easily distracted and say I'll do stuff and get over excited by something else and forget completely! I do this in real life. It's a nightmare doing the weekly shop.

Hope everyone is full of the joys of spring!!
I'm off to watch horror films in bed with the ball and chain :D

P.s Sorry for small insight into current lolcat obsession.
I know It's sad but I can't help myself.
I'm ill! I'm allowed! x


  1. OH MY GOD someone else who likes LOLCat!! I laugh until a cry, I have the app on my iPhone and no one understand why they are so funny. I nearly died when I saw the Monty Python "Bring me a Shrubbery" one!!! Please let us know about the foundation! I am really struggling trying to find a light enough foundation :( Found the perfect colour at Illamasqua but Im just not liking the formula :(
    Hope you feel better soon big hugs!!!