Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lashings of Lashes!

Please excuse hair plats, Pajamas and bed!
This was taken at about four am when we got back from my friends birthday drinks last week.

As I have said before I am a false lash feind and will wear them everyday if I have the time.
I picked up these ones in Superdrug the other day. I think they were around £4/5 each.
Eyelure are doing some beautiful L/E Tokyo lashes atm, really pretty, I brought the blue feather ones and wore them to a mates birthday (see above!). The girls loved em, well worth a tenner!
I have been wearing eyelure lashes for years and never had any problems <3.


  1. wow! i love it! you look gorgeous =]]

  2. Thank you sweetie!
    They are pretty amazing lashes.
    I felt like my eyes had a fringe :S

  3. Those lashes are friggin' awesome....

  4. I lovvvee lashes!! *angels singing* haha they are the bomb!! and you are working those lashes girl!! too cute♥

  5. Where do you get you hair extensions from? Im on the look out fo some reasonably priced but super long ones!