Friday, 6 March 2009

"Quick! Call the Obese Police!"

Is what my sister shrieks every time our elderly and rather rotund cat Wolfgang
thuds into the room.
I think he realizes that this outburst is somehow connected to him and has started to look a bit disgruntled every time it happens.
Quite funny if you like that sort of thing.

But this is not a post about mentally abusing cats it is a post about hair!
Fat hair to be precise and these here products that promise hair of elephant proportions.

Behold Samys FAT HAIR "0" Calorie Thickening Spray
and the BED HEAD by Tgi Superstar range for Thick Massive Hair.
I brought the Conditioner, Sulfate free Shampoo and Blowdry lotion (the three on the left) yesterday.


I am a sucker for anything that says it will plump up my hair as big hair is a big love of mine...
In fact big most things really.. (oh-er missus)

Big eyes, big lashes, big hair, big handbags, bit earrings etc
I think it must stem from some deep rooted belief that the bigger your hair/handbag/earrings the smaller you will look.

Admittedly I would need to throw my keys and purse into Father Christmas's sack and dangle some chandeliers off my ears to make a difference.. but I soldier on!

The Tigi stuff smells gorgoeus, especially the Blowdry lotion. So lovely.
The Fat hair spray smells good too, it reminds me of something i've smelt before but I
can't quite place it.

Anyone else tried these products?



  1. ooooo Ive been thinking about getting the blowdry lotion. I use the Blonde stuff from Tigi and the Fashionista mousse. Used to use Manipulator which is amazing but got too heavy for my hair. I LOVE TiGi the bottles just lure you into the Salon!

  2. I know!
    They just call out to you like "buy meee buy mee i'm so prettyyy"

    I used the shampoo, conditioner and blowdry lotion today and my hair was HUGE!

    The shampoo smells so so so gorgeous.