Saturday, 21 February 2009


Allo my gorgeous girls and guy! :)

Bloody hell!
Everything is mad and hectic at the moment, I miss curling up in my bed with a nice cuppa char and getting lost in the blog world more than I necessarily should.

I had to pack to leave for London very quickly and I feel rather lost without all my cosmetics around me.. Like there might be an emergency where the need for every single lipstick I own may arise and I will be without.
Scary stuff.

I have not been able to get on here at all really, I'm nicking someones wireless and they seem to be quite far away which is a bugger as it takes about five years to load anything.
I wore full make up for the first time today without crying it all off which is a good sign I think...

I decided to go to Superdrug yesterday for a bit of light cheery uppy retail therapy and to get a new foundation as NC15 SFF has now become TOO DARK FOR ME, I'm horrified by this.
I seem to be turning into a vampire or a piece of chalk or something equally white and annoying.

I ended up spending £200 in about half an hour which is slightly worrying!
I also brought a neon orange lipstick. I was feeling disturbed obviously.
..I am quite looking forward to wearing it though.

For the first time in my life I had to find a foundation for colour and not brand or type.
It was ridiculous.
I was completely out of my comfort zone, I have not worn a drugstore brand foundation for donkeys years.
I ended up having to search for ages to find the palest one as Ivory is apparently a digestive biscuit fandango to most of these brands.
I am not a digestive biscuit.

I ended up getting Revlon's ColourStay as it looked the milkyest.
I was dubious about it as I had to buy it for colour and not because I liked
the sound of it.
I wore it today and was pleasantly surprised! Thank god.

I also brought GOSH's foundation primer, which felt a lot like MAC's clear matt stuff, So that'll be interesting to try.
I've been waiting to get to a GOSH stand so I could try the infamous Darling velvet touch lipstick.
I searched and searched and hidden among the brushes (of which I got nearly all) was the last two! What lunatic hid them there I don't know but I'm very glad they did.
Yes it lives up to the hype and yes I love it.
I also nabbed some Barry M Dazzle Dusts, a Fine Glitter dust, 4 nal polishes and 5 lipsticks.
Some eyeko stuff and the Eyelure Tokyo lashes which are ammaaziiinnnggg.
I got some GOSH nail polish too...and blush.

I'm like a cosmetic Bulimic. I restrict and then binge on as much make up as I can get my graspy little hands on in a very short space of time.
Although I might actually not be that good at the restricting part. maybe.

I'm rambling now.
I will try and sort my life out and get round to doing Tags (ta :D) and FOTD's and stuff and ting ASAP bebbeh.

By the by if there is anything you have seen from previous posts of something I have mentioned that you would like a review of feel free to ask, as I would feel a bit of a lemon doing a review of something most people already have, so would be good to know!

Full list of GOSH, Barry M, Eyelure etc frantic superdrug spree will come soon so you could pick stuff off that?

Ciao bellas! *Air kiss, air kiss*


  1. If you love darling, you should try Barry M 101, it's lovely. Tabitha xo

  2. Yes! I have one and love it.
    I also have a backup haha

  3. Know how you feel I have a sneaky feeling my NW15 is too dark :( What to do!